How to Record Audio Directly into MP3 Files

Windows comes with an audio recording application but it is very simple and saves the files in the WMA file format. This file format is not recognized on all devices, platforms or by all the applications. On the other hand there are many applications such as Audacity that can save the audio recordings in much more popular MP3 file format but requires a more complicated step to be taken. If you want to record and save your audio directly into the MP3 file format then you can use a third-party application called MP3 Audio Recorder.

It comes with a small and simple user interface that packs all the options and tools for recording audio. We can simply click on the record button to start recording the sound being played on your PC. If you want to change the source of the recording then you can click on the small settings icon on its window. This opens the Windows settings for choosing the playback and recording sounds. From here we can choose microphone, line-in or sound mix as the recording source.

MP3 Audio Recorder

In the MP3 Audio Recorder settings itself, we can choose which of the codecs are to be used to save the recordings. By default, it has MP3 selected but we can also save the recordings into WMA, WAV or OGG Vorbis audio file formats. The settings also include options for choosing skins. It comes with dozens of skins that can be used.

MP3 Audio Recorder

MP3 Audio Recorder is a versatile audio recorder for saving audio streams into a number of file formats. It can be used to record audio from microphone or from an external source such as radio, TV or audio CD players. It can save the audio stream directly into MP3 file formats without having to go through any bothersome configuration settings. It is available only as a trial version and must be purchased if you plan to use it for a long term.

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