Edit and Create XML Documents Using XML Notepad

XML documents are everywhere as they are very convenient way for storing some data and using it in various offline or online applications. XML files follow a strict set of rules which must be followed in order for them to be acceptable by various XML ready applications. While there are many many online apps using which we can open, edit and convert the XML documents easily, some people want to edit them offline. If you are looking for an offline app for editing XML files on Windows then you can try XML Notepad.

It is a freeware application using which we can open and edit XML files. The software is available from Microsoft Store for Windows 10/11 but it can also be downloaded from its Github page. Once installed, it can be launched from its Windows desktop shortcut.

XML Notepad has an easy to use interface. We can expand or collapse all the nodes at any level in the XML files. There are options for adding or removing nodes or sub-nodes. It has a tabbed user interface in which we can open multiple XML files. We can cut, copy and paste nodes from one file to another.

XML Notepad

It offers full support for XML schema, XInclude and XSLT conversions. It also supports the comma separated values both in the data format from the clipboard or directly from a CSV file. It comes with a file comparison tool called XML Diff using which you can compare two similar XML documents side-by-side.

XML Notepad has intellisense which is very similar to Microsoft Visual Studio and can detect errors in your XML files in real-time. All the errors are displayed in the window as soon as you type something wrong or edit it. It can load even very large XML files in a matter of seconds.

You can download XML Notepad from https://github.com/microsoft/xmlnotepad.