LeafView : Minimalist Image Viewer for Windows

There is an old saying that one shirt size does not fit everyone. This basically means that every single individual has different requirements and they demand different things based on their varying needs. For example, not everyone wants to buy a brand new sports car, some people prefer a rugged truck for everyday use. The apps on a Windows PC also fit this criteria. Some people are looking for an advanced image editor that is power packed with all the features known to this day. While others are searching for a simple, small, lightweight image viewer that does nothing other than displaying the images when needed. If you are the second kind, then you should definitely try LeafView – a very basic, minimalist and fast image viewer for Windows.

LeafView has been designed to be completely clutter free. It is a bare bones image viewer that works straight out of the box. It uses Electron project and consumes very little of your system resources. It is available both from the Microsoft Store and also from its github page. In both cases, it can be installed easily on Widows 10 and 11.


Viewing image files using LeafView is a no-brainer. After the installation, you can right-click on any image file that it supports and choose to open it with LeafView. Alternatively, you can launch LeafView first, right-click anywhere inside the LeafView window and choose the File menu to open any image file.

The LeafView window displays the images with just a few simple features. You can right-click on the LeafView window and choose to switch to the full-screen mode. Using the mouse-wheel we can zoom-in or zoom-out any open image. You can go back and forth in the currently open folder to view other pictures stored int that folder. You can also open images and delete them if necessary. The deleted files are sent to the Recycle Bin.

You can download LeafView for Windows from https://github.com/sprout2000/leafview.