Measure Network Traffic with Free DU Meter on Windows

All internet connection plans come with some or other sort of limits. Even the so-called unlimited broadband plans have a fair-use limit after which the download speeds are throttled. This is why it makes sense if you want to keep an eye on how much data you have been using everyday. Windows users can easily watch the network traffic in real-time using a third-party software called DU Meter.

DU Meter is a program that measures the user’s network traffic – which could be LAN or internet. After the installation it shows a floating window on the Windows desktop. In this special window, you can see the real-time graphical display of download, upload and the shared traffic. The downloaded data is displayed in the red color and the uploaded data is displayed in the green color.

DU Meter

This window has three tabs – Internet, LAN and Programs. The Internet tab displays the traffic for the internet connection. Similarly, the LAN tab shows the traffic for the active LAN. The Programs tab shows which of the programs is using how much data and at what speeds.

DU Meter

It also places an icon in the notification area from where we can hide or show the floating DU Meter window. We can also switch to the mini mode which is just a smaller version of the DU Meter window. From the context-menu we can access its report module. Using this report module we can generate reports about the network traffic by day, week or month. Report data can be exported to one of many formats such HTML, Excel, Word, etc.

DU Meter

DU Meter is very useful for parents who want to ensure that their kids do not spend too much time on the internet. We can configure it to report via e-mail when the total network traffic exceeds a pre-set limit. Similarly, it is also beneficial for the business owners who want to know if their employees are downloaded too much on their work computers.

You can download DU Meter from