Kana WallChanger : Auto-Change Windows Desktop Backgrounds

One of the most common customization that we can do on a Windows PC is change its wallpaper or desktop background. This feature has been around in the Windows operating systems since its earliest versions. In the newest version Windows 11, this feature is available through the Windows settings. Anyone can right-click on their Windows desktop and select Personalize to change the desktop background. However, if you want to make this task automatic then you can use a freeware application Kana WallChanger.

This small tool is designed to work with a folder that contains a large number of images. For example, if you have a folder D:\Wallpaper that contains a number of wallpaper image files, then you can use Kana WallChanger to automatically set anyone of these images as the desktop background.

Kana Wallchanger

When we start Kana WallChanger it shows a small window where we have to pick a folder that contains all of your wallpaper images. These images can be JPEG, BMP or PNG image files. If you do not know where to get these wallpapers, then you can head over to the Microsoft Wallpaper site where you have to scroll down a little to see a huge list of available wallpaper images. According to Kana WallChanger, the folder should not have more than 300 images as it can make the program a little bit slow. If you add or remove any images in this folder, Kana WallChanger will find out and update its database automatically.

Kana Wallchanger

Once you have selected a folder to be monitored, Kana WallChanger will handle everything on its own. It will change the desktop background at regular intervals. In addition, it places an icon in the system tray using which we can manually change the wallpaper and switch to a random image from the monitored folder.

Kana WallChanger is a simple desktop background changer application. We can just select a folder of images and it handles everything on its own. It does not offer as many features as John’s Background Switcher but simple is best sometimes.

You can download Kana WallChanger from https://kanasolution.com/products/kana-wallchanger/.