Tagiani Jisho : Helper Tool for Japanese Language Learners

When we are learning a foreign language, we need a number of things for helping us through the process. For example, a good dictionary is a must-have for all the students who are trying to increase their vocabulary of the foreign words. If you already understand a language in a particular script such as Latin, it becomes easy to learn a new language that uses the same script. But when you are learning a new language that uses a completely different script then it becomes a little difficult. For example, learning Japanese is difficult for native English speakers because Japanese uses Kanji or Hiragana.

If you are also learning Japanese then you will find Tagaini Jisho software very useful.  It is an open-source software for learning Japanese. It acts both as a Japanese dictionary and Kanji lookup tool. We can search for Kanji words and phrases using this software to see both the definitions and examples for them. The program works  on Windows, Linux and macOS.

Tagaini Jisho

It comes in form of an installer but can also be used in portable mode. The user interface of Tagaini Jisho is designed to search for the new words and phrases in Kanji. If you are a student and do not know how to type in Kanji then you can also use Romaji which is romanization of Japanese words. For example, you can search for Kon’nichiwa which is Japanese greeting in Romaji.

When looking up new words, you can add them to Tagaini Jisho’s memory for later look up. You can practice these words later using flash cards which can help you memorize them faster. There is no limit on how many words can be added to Tagaini Jisho’s practice cards and it can be a fun way to memorize all the new Japanese words along with their Kanji spelling.

You can download Tagiani Jisho from https://www.tagaini.net/.