iPhone Backup Extractor : Recover Lost iPhone Data

iPhone users can use iTunes to backup their important files and settings on the local storage media of their Windows PC or Mac. There are some settings that in iTunes software installed on your PC using which you can configure it to automatically synchronize your iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad with the iTunes backup on your PC. If you regularly synchronize your iPad or iPhone with iTunes, a backup will be created on your PC each time you connect. If in the event of ever losing your phone or the data, you can easily restore all your files and settings from there.

In order to restore your backed up data from your iTunes backup on the PC back to your iPhone, we have to depend on the iTunes software. But there is a third-party software called iPhone Backup Extractor using which we can extract all the files from these backups easily. This software is capable of decrypting the saved backups and process all of the content including the contacts, pictures, call logs, SMS messages, MMS, videos, voicemail, calendar entries, notes, data belonging to various apps or games.

iPhone Backup Extractor

The basic difference between restoring the data using iTunes and using iPhone Backup Extractor is that you are going to need the original device in the former case. If you do not have the device, you cannot use iTunes to get your files back. In those cases, we can use iPhone Backup Extractor which does not require any device.

The messages and contacts can be exported to local files in a number of formats. The contacts can be exported to the CSV and VCARD formats. Similarly, the messages can be exported in beautifully designed PDF, HTML or CSV files which can then be printed off any connected printer.

iPhone Backup Extractor is a very useful application for recovering lost iPhone data from either iTunes backup or iCloud data easily. It works both on Windows and macOS.

You can download iPhone Backup Extractor from https://www.iphonebackupextractor.com/.