Awasu : Innovative Feature Rich RSS Feed Reader

Awasu is a free RSS Feed reader for Windows that keeps you informed about the latest updates on several websites or blogs. It is very easy to use and has a modern user interface that everyone will feel comfortable with. We can add our own RSS feeds and categorize them in several channels. We can configure it to automatically fetch the latest feeds at a regular interval from these sites.

After installing Awasu RSS feed reader on your system, you have to add the feeds yourself as it does not come with any feeds added. In order to add new feeds, we can pull down the File menu and select New Channel from there. We can also use a hotkey Ctrl+N for this.

In the new channel addition interface, we have to specify the feed URL (which we can obtain from the respective website). As we create Next and move to the next stage, it pulls the website name, feed title, any image associated with it and the description. We can assign the new feed under various channel folders (such as Technology or Entertainment). We can choose the frequency of the feed download – hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, day, 3 days, week or month. We can also decide whether the feed content is to be downloaded locally for offline reading later.

Awasu RSS Feed Reader

It places an icon in the system tray which animates and plays a sound whenever it fetches  anew update to a subscribed RSS feed. This way you can read the new content as soon as it becomes available on a website.

Awasu Personal edition is free for use but it lacks some features which are available only in the professional edition. However, if you are going to use it for personal home use only in order to check updates on a website or blog from time to time, then the Personal edition is sufficient.

You can download Awasu RSS Feed Reader from