Test GPU Memory with GFX Memory Speed Benchmark

These days almost all the PC gamers have the same type of gaming PCs. They pick AMD Ryzen as the main processor and then add a powerful graphics card like NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080. This type of configuration has become very popular and is also giving high performance even on high demanding games. Some people are actually upgrading their computers to AMD Ryzen along with the motherboard but when it comes to the graphics cards, they just reuse the older ones.

If you have also assembled your PC using Ryzen but just used an older graphics card, then you might not be getting full performance because of some problem with the graphics memory. Fortunately, you can use GFX Memory Speed Benchmark to test the memory of your graphics cards easily.

This benchmark tool targets the memory of your graphics processor only. It is a portable software and does not require installation. We can launch it, select the target graphics card from a list and click on the Run Benchmark button. This will run all the tests one by one and display you the results.

GFX Memory Speed Benchmark

If you want to run only specific tests, then you can also do that. We can choose to run tests for writing to the graphics RAM, reading from the graphics RAM, OpenCL graphics RAM read & write, write to the system RAM and, reading from the system RAM.

The results are going to be different for every system and depend on a number of factors such as the motherboard quality, graphics card, processor, RAM module types and more. A powerful RAM module won’t perform so well if it is not installed on an equally good motherboard. Using the GFX Memory Speed Benchmark, we can find out how fast then RAM modules are working and make decisions about upgrading the graphics card or the system RAM.

You can download GFX Memory Speed Benchmark from https://www.3delite.hu/.