Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Screensaver for Windows

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) is the most feared screen for Windows PC users. When it appears on a PC screen, chances are that hardware has failed, something is wrong with the memory, storage, motherboard or the power supply.  On this screen Windows displays some error message, information that they are saving the data and the computer will be shutdown soon.

Since everybody panics when BSOD appears on their screen, it is a good way to prank people or amuse yourself. There is a screen saver designed by Microsoft SysInternals that displays a fake BSOD on your PC. It can be installed on any Windows PC starting from Windows XP to Windows 11. However, it displays the old style BSOD. The new style BSOD that is shown on Windows 10 and Windows 11 are slightly different.

In order to install this screen saver, you can extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP archive to a folder. Inside the folder there is a file SysInternalsBluescreen.scr. You can right-click on this file and choose Install from the context menu. This will take you to the screen saver settings for Windows. Here you can choose various options offered by the screensaver.

BSOD Screensaver

In the options, you have only one options Fake disk activity which is meant for older Windows NT systems. If you leave the screen saver running, it will simulate system reboot and then display the BSOD all over again. In the BSOD, the information displayed is obtained from the system itself such as the operating system version, loaded drivers, addresses, storage drive information, processor revision number etc.  This information can fool even the most experienced Windows PC user.

BSOD Screensaver

However, since the BSOD style belong to the old Windows versions (Windows 7 and earlier), nobody is going to be fooled if you use it on a modern version of Windows  such as Windows 11.

You can download SysInternals Blue Screen Screen Saver from