ExplorerPatcher Fixes Annoying Features of Windows 11

Windows 11 has a very pleasant user interface but some users still miss the old fashioned Windows 10 or Windows 7 style interface. They long for the Windows 10 style taskbar, context-menus, File Explorer ribbon bar, un-grouping of the applications in the taskbar, and they don’t really like the rounded corners of all windows. Actually many Windows 10 users are hesitating to upgrade to Windows 11 because of these reasons.

You can now upgrade to Windows 11 because there is an open-source tool called ExplorerPatcher that can fix all of these annoyances in a single-click. This open-source tool can modify some of the features on a Windows 11 PC and revert them back to the Windows 10 style.

ExplorerPatcher comes in form of an installer. After the installation, your Windows File Explorer (explorer.exe) will automatically restart and you will see the Windows 10 style taskbar. It is set to run automatically with Windows and load the Windows 10 style settings at every boot.


For changing the settings for ExplorerPatcher, you have to right-click on Taskbar and choose Properties. This will open a user interface with a huge number of settings. You can choose the taskbar style from Windows 10 or Windows 11. You can choose which of the buttons are to be displayed in the taskbar.

For the File Explorer settings in ExplorerPatcher, we can choose to disable the Windows 11 style context-menu and Windows 11 style command bar. The Start menu can also be set to have a Windows 10 or Windows 11. We can set the corner preference of Start menu to be not-rounded. Windows Switcher (Alt+Tab) can also be made to appear either in the Windows 10 or 11 style. We can also choose its opacity level and color scheme.


If you do not like the rounded corners of application windows, then you can make them rectangular again just like in Windows 10. For this there is a setting under the “Others” section labeled “Disable rounded corners for application windows”. After changing its settings, you have to click on the “Restart File Explorer” so that the new settings can be loaded.

There are many other options available that can be used to change the appearance and functionality of your Windows 11 system in the way you like to use it. The program can be uninstalled from the “Apps & Features” section of Windows settings.

You can download ExplorerPatcher from https://github.com/valinet/ExplorerPatcher.