CryptoBuster : Lightweight Anti-Ransomware for Windows

Ransomware is a special type of malware that starts by encrypting your files slowly. When it has encrypted all of your important documents, then it flashes a warning on your screen that your files have been encrypted and you will have to send them money for decryption.  This is very similar to a situation when criminals kidnap someone and then demand a ransom for releasing that person. This is why this type of malware is called ransomware.

While the best strategy against the ransomware infection is to keep a regular backup of your files, we can also use tools that can block the ransomware or ransomware like activities. CryptoBuster is such an application that provides protection against various ransomware threats.

CryptoBuster is a small and lightweight program and surprisingly it does not burden system resources. It effectively protects our valuable data from ransomware attacks and monitors the file system for any possible malicious activity. It is compatible with other major antivirus solutions and can be use along with them without any conflicts.


CryptoBuster uses honeypots – decoy files to lure the ransomware. As the ransomware starts to encrypt these honeypots, CryptoBuster becomes alert about the presence of an active ransomware. This is an efficient and proven technique of detecting ransomware threats. Honeypot feature can also send an email message to the user about this behavior.

The user gets complete control over the process of creating and activating honeypots. We can manually create honeypots by adjusting their names and locations or leave the software under control. In addition, CryptoBuster can intelligently monitor the file system to detect malicious activities that might indicate a threat from the site.

CryptoBuster has a very user-friendly interface and can be customized for the user’s needs. CryptoBuster can only be used on the latest versions on Windows 10 and 11. It refuses to work on older versions of Windows 10.

You can download CryptoBuster from