Design Electronic Circuits Quickly with CircuitLab Web App

Sometimes when teaching basics of electronics to school student, I have to quickly put together a simple circuit to discuss about. For these discussions, I have to design the actual circuit on a bread-board using the real electronic components. But I also have to make a circuit diagram which makes it very easy to follow how everything works.

For example, when I have to show the basics of a simple NPN transistor amplifier, I can draw a circuit and display the same circuit working on a bread-board. But drawing a circuit by hand is no match to a properly printed circuit. If you are also trying to design your electronics circuit in a short time, then you can try a web app called CircuitLab.

CircuitLab is an online web app that can be used to design and simulate your circuits. It offers a powerful schematics editor that comes with almost all types of electronics and electrical components. It can be used for designing both the analog and digital circuits. The simulation features makes it easy to test the circuit by checking he voltages and currents at any point in the circuit.


If you have worked with similar tools before, then you will find yourself right at home. The advantage of using CircuitLab is that you do not have to install anything on your computer. You can start using CircuitLab from any modern web browser. This also makes CircuitLab platform independent – you can use it from Windows PC, Linux computer or from a Macintosh. We can use it from a mobile device too.

CircuitLab allows you to print your circuits, save them in PDF files and share them online. If you are finding it a tad difficult to use CircuitLab then you can go through a number  of tutorials and ready to use projects from which we can learn.

You can start designing and simulating electronic circuits by visiting CircuitLab  at