GPSBabel : Convert GPS Data Across Multiple Device Formats

There are many GPS devices that sports professionals and technicians use to record the coordinates, altitude and tracking data. GPS devices can also guide you when you are lost by displaying your accurate location on the map. These GPS devices are created by many different manufacturers and use a wide variety of file formats to store their GPS location data. You cannot simply copy the files from one GPS device to another if they both do not use the same file types as the copied data would be unreadable.

Before you copy the data from GPS device to another, you have to ensure that you have converted the  GPS files into the compatible file formats. For this conversion of GPS data, we can use a free conversion tool called GPSBabel. It supports over 100 different formats from many different devices.

It is extremely easy to use GPSBabel as it works on Windows, Mac and Linux. After the installation, you can simply launch GPSBabel from its desktop shortcut and begin selecting files. You have to first select the source file type – you can choose a file type or a device type before actually selecting the file/data. If you choose to select device type, make sure your GPS device is connected to your PC/Mac first.


Next, you have to select a destination or output file type or device type. You can choose which type of data is to be translated/converted such as waypoints, tracks and routes from one device to another. In addition, the data can be filtered by time or area in order to convert only the necessary data. After selecting the destination file, you can click on the OK button to start the conversion process.

GPSBabel can save your time and trouble when you are switching from one GPS device to another. It makes it easy to convert GPS data file format for a large number of supported GPS devices.

You can download GPSBabel from