How to Check MP3 Audio Files for Data Corruption

Data inside any type of files can become corrupted owing to a number of factors. MP3 audio files are not any different. But MP3 files often get easily noticed after they have become corrupted because you hear choppy sound with random clicks, glitches, screeching and other type of noise. If you had stored your MP3 files on an old CD many years ago, chances are that some of them have become corrupt due to aging of the CD media.

So how do you check MP3 audio files for data corruption? There is a free tool called MP3 Checker using which anyone can test whether their MP3 files collection has suffered any sort of damage. The software can be installed and is immediately ready to use afterwards.

We have to select a folder that contains MP3 files but it also supports scanning of DAT files. If you do not already know, DAT files are raw dump from Audio CDs. It can check both types of files but you can choose which of these two are to be scanned.

MP3 Checker

Another step before the scanning is started is to change the scanner options of needed. In the options, we can report the minor glitches as good MP3, whether the sub-folders are to be scanned too, move MP3 files with errors to a quarantine folder, and whether to add verified tag in the ID3 metadata of the MP3 files.

MP3 Checker

Once the scanning has begun, it will check all the files for basic problems and then verify them using MPEG data chunks. It divides all the files in two tables  – Bad MP3s and Good MP3s. All the bad MP3 files are listed in the first tab with full information about why those files are detected as bad. For example, we tested an empty file and it flagged the MP3 file as bad because “The MP3 is 0 bytes”. A message box is displayed giving you a summary of the scan results.

MP3 Checker

MP3 Checker can quickly detect all the damaged, corrupted or broken MP3 files so that you do not have listen to sudden high-pitch screeches due to bad or damaged MP3 files. It goes through your MP3 files collection really fast and does not require an active internet connection.

You can download MP3 Checker from