EditRocket : Source-Code Editor for Windows, macOS and Linux

EditRocket is a versatile text-editor with support for multiple programming languages. It has been designed using Java programming language which means that it requires Java to be installed on your system. However, it comes with a portable version of Java JRE inside the download package and we can use it even without first installing Java on our computer systems. For Windows, they offer both installer and portable versions of the program.

EditRocket has a user interface which allows for easy browsing for files on the system for quick editing. On the left-sidebar, we can see widgets like File System, Open, Sidekick, or Projects. Using the File System, we can navigate through the local drive, folders and files easily. From the Open tab, we can see which of the files are currently open in EditRocket. The Projects tab does the same for open projects.

The Sidekick is a very helpful feature which allows for very common structures to be inserted in the source code files. There are sidekicks for virtually all the supported programming languages. For example, if you are editing an HTML file, then using sidekick you can insert various schema declarations and elements. If you are editing a C++ file, then you can insert some of the common functions and includes.


EditRocket comes with auto-correct and spellcheck feature that can help when editing text files. It has intellisense feature which can auto-complete keywords when editing source code files. It has support for FTP and SFTP using which you can edit remote files easily by connecting to your hosting provider’s servers.

It comes with many useful and time-saving tools. For example, it has a color selection tool that lists all the color names and their corresponding HTML color codes. It also has the full ASCII table integrated that we can refer to when editing source code files.

EditRocket can be used on Linux and macOS as well as on Windows. No matter which platform you are working from, you can continue using through the familiar EditRocket user interface.

You can download EditRocket from https://editrocket.com/.