HT Family Shield : Online Protection for Entire Family

We have been becoming more and more dependent on the internet and more so after the pandemic era. Grown ups have been working from home and kids have been getting education online through apps like Skype and Zoom. In addition now people are ordering everyday use items like groceries online too.

With families spending so much time online, we must consider safety in a digital world. We must be able to protect our young ones from the threats on the social networks and from the bad sites. With the help of HT Family Shield we can filter the web content and track computer usage for our kids.

It is not a hidden fact that the internet now has more harmful content and various dangers – more so for the youngest of the users. This is why it is a good idea to install HT Family Shield parental control application. The first thing that this application does is that it blocks all of the websites with inappropriate content. The program also blocks certain applications installed on your computer and provides protection while playing online video games or using social networks like Facebook.

HT Family Shield

Using HT Family Shield is very easy. You have to install it on a user’s computer and it will start protection right away. Afterwards, the parents can control the protected computers through the HT Family Shield online account.

HT Family Shield will allow us to check how our child spends time on the Internet. We will receive detailed reports on all activities on the computer – all thanks to the built-in monitoring module. We will receive reports on all visited and blocked websites. We are free to block harmful or inappropriate content on the internet. We can set the time limit during which the computer can be used. We will see how much time the child spends on each running application, and we will also review all the words, terms and phrases typed and searched while using the Internet.

HT Family Shield also comes with a self protection module so that it cannot be bypassed. You can prevent the use of Windows Control Panel, Registry Editor and other advanced tools which can be used to disable HT Family Shield.

You can download HT Family Shield from