Google Chrome Reaches a Historic Milestone : 100th Version

Google Chrome, world’s most used web browser, has reached another milestone – Chrome’s version 100 has been released. Google has officially released the stable version 100 for Chrome. It is now available for all the supported desktop platforms – Windows, Mac and Linux according to the official Google Chrome blog at

In the new update, we will be able to see some visual changes and discover more of the internal updates. Google has redesigned the Chrome icon or logo. While the new Chrome logo looks very similar to the older logo, there are some subtle differences. They have removed the shadows in the logo design and adopted a modern flat design. They have used much brighter colors and livelier. Google has changed the Chrome logo for the first time in last eight years.

So if you cannot wait and want to update to the version 100 as soon as possible, then you can launch Google Chrome browser and open the menu. From the menu, you have to select Help and then About Google Chrome. If the new version 100 has been released in your region of the world then it will start updating automatically.

Chrome 100th Version

There is also a direct approach of updating to the version 100 by downloading the full Chrome browser offline installer. You can quickly download the full offline installer package to your PC by visiting a special link mentioned by Google support at You have to find the link under the section for installing Google offline.

One would expect that Google will celebrate this event with huge fanware but the only thing we have seen is a new blogpost as usual. In the blog post, they have mentioned the new version and various security fixes that have been added. Notwithstanding, it is a great day for all the Chrome lovers and we are definitely going to celebrate in our own ways.