iLok License Manager : Manage and Monitor License Activations

Software developer iLok offers a special USB drive called iLok. An iLok is a USB drive that can hold as many as 500 licenses that allow iLok based software to be run on your Mac or PC. The same USB drive can be used on both the platforms.

iLok is a smart solution designed for the aid of developers to secure licenses and storage on a USB key. Because these licenses are very sensitive we need extra layer of security mixed with the convenience of use. This is where iLok comes with the help, which guarantees an appropriate level of security and ease of operation.

For using an iLok we need the iLok License Manager which is an application for managing and activating new iLok licenses. The tool is a desktop client that eliminates the need to use a browser.

Basically, we need an iLok (USB drive) with licenses stored on it, a PC/Mac on which iLok supported software is installed and iLok License Manager installed on the same computer. Using the iLok License Manager, we can activate or deactivate the licenses stored on the iLok USB drive.

iLok License Manager

To start working with the software, you must have an active internet connection and a USB drive. After successfully logging in to our iLok user account (which can be created for free), we will get an access to the list of all active licenses and their assigned locations. From the level of a very readable graphical interface, we can easily load new licenses.

If we activate a license stored on a connected iLok, it is removed from the online iLok account. After this, whenever you want to use the respective software, all you have to do is connect the iLok USB drive to the PC and launch the software. It will read the activate license directly from there.

You can download iLok License Manager from