Rainclip : Universal Clipboard Manager for Windows

One of the pains that we often have to endure when using a computer is that the copied text or images from the clipboard are accidentally lost. The usually happens when another program overwrites the contents of the system clipboard or the user copies something else in the clipboard.

This is why we need a clipboard manager application like Rainclip that can hold the clipboard contents even when the actual system clipboard contents have been flushed or overwritten. Rainclip is a universal clipboard assistant in which we can store the history of copied texts and images. These items copied to the Rainclip remain even after a system reboot.

There is nothing special that we have to do in order to copy something to the Rainclip. It keeps monitoring the system clipboard and when new content is copied to the clipboard, it makes a copy of the new content to the Rainclip history. So whenever you copy something using Ctrl+C, it will also be copied to Rainclip.

Rainclip Clipboard Manager

Rainclip stays in the notification area and we can click on its icon to access the full list of items that have been copied to it. These saved items could be text or image type data. We can click on any of these to copy-paste them into any active application. We can also click on the menu next to an item to access advanced options such as save to file, edit, keep forever, remove, add to snippets and more.

In the settings for the Rainclip, we can set a hotkey to bring up Rainclip window, set the number of maximum entries to be saved (default is 20), change the theme (light or dark), add or edit snippets that can be quickly pasted into any editor, sync the saved entries into Google Drive, and assign various actions to be used before pasting the entries.

Rainclip Clipboard Manager

Rainclip is definitely a very efficient clipboard manager for both Windows and Mac. However, it is not a freeware and we have to buy a license in order to keep using it.

You can download Rainclip from https://www.rainclip.net/.