Password Folder : Drag-n-Drop Password Protect Folders

Everyone has some files that needs extra protection from the snooping eyes of friends, relatives, coworkers or even neighbors. You can hide them in any folder, they can be searched easily using Windows Search or using a third-party tool like Everything. So how do you protect your files from others? The answer is an encryption software Password Folder which ensures that nobody can open your protected folders without supplying the correct password.

Password Folder is an easy to use encryption software that allows quick password protection of any folder. It is available as an installer and also as a portable application. Both editions add itself to the right-click context-menu of the Windows File Explorer. After you have installed Password Folder, you can just right-click on any folder, choose Protect by Password Folder, supply a password and it will be encrypted in seconds.

Password Folder

We can also launch Password Folder and drag-n-drop any folder on its window. Alternatively, we can click on the big green locked folder graphic in the Password Folder window and choose a folder from your local storage drive. After this you will have to supply a password for encryption of that folder.

Password Folder

It turns the encrypted folder into a PFF  folder which holds the locked icon of Password Folder. This encrypted folder cannot be moved copied or transferred over the internet. It will stay in the same location as the original folder.

Whenever you want to decrypt this folder, you can double-click on the encrypted folder, supply the correct password and it will be returned into the original unencrypted format.

Password Folder

Password Folder employs blazing fast encryption methods. Even a very large folder with several GB of contents is encrypted and locked in just a few seconds. The decryption works similarly very very fast. While handling all these bytes, it does not put any load on the system resources.

You can download Password Folder from