Rotate or Flip Images on Websites with FoxyImage for Firefox

It happens so many times that when we visit a website, we find an image that is mistakenly placed in the wrong orientation – upside down or sideways. But we cannot rotate it because there is no way we can rotate or flip an image inside a web browser. One workaround is to first download that image on local hard drive and then use an image viewer like IrfanView or FastStone Image Viewer to open that image because these image viewer allow rotating, flipping and other image manipulations.

But you do not have to download an image from a website just to see its rotated or flipped view, if you are using Firefox web browsing. Using the FoxyImage extension in Firefox, we can rotate or flip on any website. As soon as we install this extension, it adds a special FoxyImage item in the right-click context-menu of Firefox.

Now we can right-click on any image on any website and select various image functions provided under the FoxyImage menu. Through this context-menu, we can choose to rotate the image left, right or 180 degrees. We can flip the image vertically or horizontally. We can later reset the image and make it look just like it was on that webpage without any manipulations.

FoxyImage for Firefox

FoxyImage also gives features to quickly download images from a webpage. Through its context-menu, we can choose to save all the images on a webpage instantly. Similarly, it can save all the images links for which are present on a webpage. These features make it easy to download a large number of images in just one click.

FoxyImage is a Firefox extension using which we can easily rotate, flip or save images from any website. It adds all of these image related functions to the right-click context-menu making it very convenient for everyone.

You can get the FoxyImage extension for Firefox from