Prank Your Friends with Fake Blue Screen of Death

When there is nothing else to do on a Sunday afternoon this summer, you can try playing a prank on your friends. This prank involves scaring them with the frightening blue screen of death (BSOD) that appears on a Windows PC whenever it encounters a serious error. Usually the PC cannot function after BSOD is displayed and is shutdown in a few seconds.

It is a prank and the number one rule of the pranking is that nobody should be hurt physically or financially. You should always disclose to everyone that it was just a prank for some laughs.

In order to start with the fake BSOD prank, you have to launch a web browser on your friends’ PC and open in it. The web page shows three steps to start the prank.

First of all you have to press F11 to switch the web browser to the full-screen. Then you have to click on the fake BSOD page to open the webpage that designed to look like BSOD. It will automatically detect the operating system (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11) and show you a fake BSOD webpage that mimics BSOD from that version of Windows.


Now you can inform your friend that PC is not working. They will try to use the mouse but the fake BSOD webpage has the mouse cursor hidden so it won’t work. Wait for a few seconds before you start laughing.

You can make the fake BSOD screen more hilarious by pressing F12, switch to “Inspector” and change the error message to add funny things in it.


So the next time any of your friends invite you to their place in order show off their latest gaming PC, you can play this prank and ask them what kind of game it is. Wait for them to discover what you have done and then laugh for hours together.