Precise Calculator : Adjust Significant Digits when Calculating

Every Windows PC comes with a calculator app that we can launch from the Start menu or by typing calc command in the Run dialog. Even though this Microsoft Calculator is a scientific calculator, it may not display the results with very high levels of precision. For example, if you want to find the value of PI, then the regular calculator can display only upto  31 decimal places.

Fortunately, there is a third-party calculator called Precise Calculator that can give you results to a very high level of precision. We can use this calculator to find results to 200,000 or more significant digits. However, if you put a very high number of significant digits, then it will take a little extra time to display the results.

Precise Calculator has all the features and functions that you would find on a typical scientific calculator – basic mathematical operators, trigonometric functions, statistical functions etc. In addition, it has an option to set the number of the significant digits for the results. We can enter anything in this field, for example, if we set the number of significant digits to 100,000 it will display the results up to a number of total 100,000 significant digits.

Precise Calculator

There is an option to display the results in the p/q format or in the decimal places. If you do not see the results in a large number of decimal digits, then you have to disable the fractions and it will immediately show the results in the specified number of significant digits.

When you use Precise Calculator to calculate something to a very high level of precision then you would want to save the results. Fortunately, this calculator application allows you to save the results in form of plain text files that can be opened in any text editor like Windows Notepad or Notepad++.

You can download Precise Calculator from