Tiny Player : Play Video and Audio Files on Windows

Tiny Player is a very small media player for Windows. It is a portable software and does not require anything to be installed on your PC. It can play audio files, video files, video discs, audio CDs and DVDs easily. The software is very compact and can be carried on person using a small USB pen-drive.

Even though Tiny Player is very small in size and can play many popular media file formats out of the box, it fails to play many other media file formats. If you want to add support for more media file formats, then you will have to install media codec packs. For installing more codecs on your Windows PC, you can install K-Lite Media Codec Pack or something similar.

The user interface of Tiny Player reminds of the old Roxio Movie Player that used to come with the CDs or DVDs burned using the Roxio Easy CD/DVD Burning software. The small media player expands into a larger size window when you try to player a video or DVD using it.

Tiny Player

In order to start playing a DVD or CD or other media files using Tiny Player, we can use the File menu from where we can choose to open a file, a folder, a DVD, an audio CD or even a remote URL. The application supports M3U playlists and is able to play remote media streams using their M3U8 file links. When we open some files in the Tiny Player, it automatically generates aM3U list in the local folder so that you can pick up where you left off at a later time.

Tiny Player comes true to its name and takes only a tiny portion of the total system resources. We can open entire folders containing music files and it still keeps the total resources usage to a minimal value.

You can download Tiny Player from http://petr.lastovicka.sweb.cz/others.html.