Qalculate : Advanced Cross-Platform Desktop Calculator

When you want to solve some advanced mathematical or scientific equations, the regular calculator app that comes with Microsoft Windows is simply not enough. This is when you have to use an advanced calculator like Qalculate. It is a cross-platform calculator application that works across all the major desktop platforms like Windows, Linux and macOS. It offers a wide variety of functions, equation solvers, constants and other mathematical operations for all your needs.

As far as Windows is concerned, Qalculate is available both in the installer and portable application format. In its brilliantly designed user interface, we can access any of the available modes, functions, variables and units from the menubar.

Available modes include selection of number base, numerical display, rational number display, interval display, unit display, approximation, interval calculation, angle units, assumptions, algebraic mode, parsing mode, precision, decimals etc. We can also enable the “Calculate as you type” mode.


From the available functions we can easily select functions for various branches of mathematics such as algebra, calculus, combinatorics, complex numbers, data sets, economics, logarithms, matrices, determinants, geometry, trigonometry, number theory and more.

When solving for equations, we can assign many different kinds of variables and constants such as basic constants, time constants, large numbers, physical constants, small numbers, special numbers, temporary variables, unknown variables etc.

This open-source calculator application comes with a large number of units to be used. We can choose these units from the menubar. These include units for angle, area, electricity, currency, energy, force, information, length, magnetism, mass, radioactivity, ratio, speed, substance, temperature, time, typography, volume, and more.

As you use this Qalculate application for solving equations and other mathematical operations, it saves the history of all the steps taken by the user. We can use the history to recall the previous solutions. We can export the results to the clipboard, to a text file, or save it to an image.

You can download Qalculate from