TaskExplorer : Portable Task Manager Alternative for Windows

Even though Windows comes with a really powerful task management tool of its own called Task Manager, some people want more control and features over the processes, services and resources. This is why there are so many Task Manager alternatives available for Windows. An open-source software TaskExplorer is another such alternative for the Windows users.

TaskExplorer is an advanced task management software for Windows that displays not only all the processes running on your system but also shows what exactly all these processes are doing. It has a unique user interface where you can see graphical charts for all the resources such as GPU memory, memory,  Windows, objects, File IO, CPU, GPU, Disk, File handles, TCP/IP and more.

This software that everything that you can expect from a task management program. The tool displays a list of all the processes running on the computer and allows you to control them. It keeps analyzing your system to find out the  precise resource consumption. In order to free up memory taken by other programs, you can choose to forcibly close a software.


You can search for the processes by names and handles. You can also filter the overall reported processes running on your system so that it displays only those processed that match the filter values.

This software can safely close down a program and make more RAM memory available for other applications. If your system is running low on memory, then TaskExplorer can help you free up the RAM. You can find this feature from under the Tools Free Memory menu of TaskExplorer.

Along with other resources, it displays the DNS Cache too. We can see the current status of DNS Cache and find out how many domain name entries it holds. We can also flush this cache if needed. DNS Cache flushing is useful when you have changed the DNS servers configured for a network interface.

You can download TaskExplorer from https://github.com/DavidXanatos/TaskExplorer.