Track Time Spent Online with OnLine Timer for Windows

These days so many people have started working from home through the internet. So many computer stores are selling laptop, notebook and desktop computers designed specially for working or studying from home. But not everyone in the world has access to the high-speed internet all the time. Many people still frequent the internet cafe or cyber cafe for regular internet use. If you are not careful when in a cyber cafe, they will charge you extra for overtime – even for 2 minutes over an hour.

One way to keep a tab on your internet usage in an internet cafe is by using a timer application like OnLine Timer. This small utility is designed for people who use timed internet connections such as in a cyber cafe. It can be set for a number of minutes and it is going to display alerts on your PC screen when the time is up. When used in a cyber cafe, you can easily notice when your time is up.

Online Timer

OnLine Timer has to be installed on your PC before it can function properly. It comes with a custom made installer which just copies all the files in the target folders. After the installation we can launch OnLine Timer just by double-clicking on its desktop shortcut.

By default, the timer is placed near the bottom left corner of your screen. But we can change its location easily from its settings. In order to access its settings, we can either double-click on the timer itself or from its notification area icon.

On Line Timer

In the settings, we can set the timer countdown, the alert timer, freeze it and more. Basically you have to set the time in your account and it will display that time on your screen. As the timer nears zero, it changes color from green to red indicating that you are about to exhaust your internet use time.

On Line Timer

OnLine Timer is a really useful tool to carry with you when you are accessing the internet from a cyber cafe. It will display alerts on your screen and help you avoid getting overcharged just because of overtime. It is also great for gaming cafes.

You can download OnLine Timer from