Epic Games Store Giveaway : Black Widow – Recharged

Epic Games store is giving away many games this week. One of these games is Black Widow – Recharged. As you can probably guess from its title, the game is same as the old cult classic Black Widow that was released in 1982 for Atari  Arcade platforms. However, it has been recharged for the modern users and both the graphics and the game-play has been updated.

In the Black Widow – Recharged, you are playing as a black widow spider and your mission is to protect your spider web. In the original game (from 1982), the player has two joystick controls – one to fire at the enemies and one to move around the spider web. The new recharged game also employs the same two controls – one for movement and another for attacking.

You will be sitting comfortably in your spider web when other insects will start coming in. Some of these bugs have intentions to destroy your web. You have to attack these bugs and prevent them from laying eggs in your web. The game is not so straightforward as it sounds because you can employ many strategies. For example, you can lure some bigger bugs in your web in order to destroy a multitude of smaller insects.

Black Widow - Recharged

This game does not have any special requirements and can be easily run on any Windows PC bought in the last 10 years or so. You can run it smoothly on a Windows 7 SP1 PC with 4 GB RAM and a basic graphics card or in-built graphics chip.

Black Widow – Recharged can be very addictive and so much fun when you play it with your friends. It can be played in the solo mode or with your friends. The game has more than 30 challenges and new levels bring new surprises.

You can claim your free copy of Black Widow – Recharged from https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/black-widow-recharged. The giveaway will last until March 10th, 2022.