Vector Clocks : Beautiful Desktop Clocks for Windows

All versions of Windows come with a desktop clock that is displayed in the system tray. But you might not find this small clock very attractive because it is just a bunch of small digits. If you want to have a big and beautiful analog clock on your Windows desktop, then you should definitely try Vector Clocks. It is a collection of fifty free clocks and we can use them all at the same time. In fact, all of these fifty clocks are in form of EXE applications and in order to use them all we have to do is launch that respective EXE.

Vector Clocks were designed for Windows 7 but they continue to work for Windows 10 and 11 without any problem. The user interface looks very modern and packs a lot of options for the Windows users. In the following screenshot, we are running three of these vector clocks simultaneously. As you can see, they display the local time by default. But we can change their settings, size, orientation and more very easily.

Vector Clocks

In order to change their settings, we have to right-click on these clocks and choose Settings from the right-click menu. It will open a window where we can choose settings for clock, desktop integration and, time etc. We can choose to display date, seconds, week day, AM/PM, time digits, glass, clock image, etc. We can pin it to the desktop, make it transparent or click through.

Vector Clocks

We can choose to make it display the local time or change the time zone so that it displays time for another country or a region in a country. We can also make it automatically start with Windows, have a smoother second hand movement, and play sounds on alert events. The clock can be resized, moved and we can also change its orientation as we please.

All in all, Vector Clocks are very pleasant on the eyes. Not only they display the time, but we can also use their alarm function to act as a reminder. The alarm feature can also be used as a countdown timer.

You can download Vector Clocks from


  1. I scanned the file for viruses and jotti and virus total says it has a virus in it.

    1. In my opinion, 1/64 on VirusTotal is usually a false positive. To be on the safe side, keep a good antivirus like Bitdefender or ESET installed on your PC.

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