How to Find Duplicate Audio Files on Windows

There are many ways to find duplicate, identical or similar files on Windows. The first one that comes to mind is the FC command which is used to compare files. We can use it to compare two files in binary mode (using the /b switch) and see whether two files are exactly the same.

Even though we can use command line tools like FC for finding duplicate audio files too, it is much better if we use a dedicate audio files scanner such as “Duplicate Audio Finder”. It is a small Windows application that can scan the entire PC and compare all the audio files together to find out identical files.

This tool uses many methods to detect identical audio files. It can find audio files that are byte-by-byte identical. It can find audio files that have same artist and title information in its metadata. It can also scan audio files for the very similar audio content.

Duplicate Audio Finder

Duplicate Audio Finder has a user interface designed with ease of use in mind. We can begin by clicking on the Start button in the toolbar which opens a location selection window. We can choose various usual folders from the user profile or specify a custom folder of our own for scan.

It will first prepare a database of all the scanned music files and then compare each of the files one by one against this database. Any file that appears more than one time in the database is a duplicate file. The results are displayed in the window wit options to view their information, play them or delete them.

Duplicate Audio Finder

In the settings of Duplicate Audio Finder, we can choose which of the audio file types are to be included in the scan. By default, it scans for all kinds of music files such as MP3, OGG, WMA, AAC, APE, FLAC and more. But if you want to focus on only one type of music files, then we can do so easily by changing the settings.

You can download Duplicate Audio Finder from