1X-Ripper : Convert Audio CD Tracks into MP3 Files

As the storage technology becomes older and older, it becomes increasingly difficult to read or access the contents from the old type storage media such as tapes, floppy disks and audio CDs. Of course, large institutions, universities and government organizations can manage to read data from the older media but it is not so easy for the ordinary person. This is why we should convert or extract the data from old media while we still can.

One of the older style media is audio CDs and so many people have a collection of  thousands of audio CDs. If the law permits in your region of the world, it is better to extract the audio tracks from the CDs and save them as MP3 audio files. We can use a freeware called 1X-Ripper for this. It is a free application for Windows using which we can rip audio CDs and convert the tracks into MP3 or WAV audio files.

For using 1X-Ripper, we must have an optical drive of any kind attached to the computer. We can then insert the audio CD int his drive and wait for it to be recognized by the Windows system. After this, we have to launch 1X-Ripper and it will instantly detect the audio CD. Now all we have to do is select the tracks that you want to rip and then click on the button labeled Start Ripping.


The ripping process reads the tracks from the audio CD one by one, converts the raw audio stream into MP3 file format and saves them on your PC. We can choose to save the files in WAV formats too if that is desired since MP3 loses some of the quality compared to the RAW data. The ripping of an entire audio CD might take more than 10 minutes.


Other than the basic ripping of the audio CD tracks, we can also use 1X-Ripper to convert WAV audio files into MP3 files, or MP3 audio files into the WAV file format.

You can download 1X-Ripper from https://www.mediakg.net/.