How to Pin or Unpin Folders to the Quick Access on Windows 11

When you open the File Explorer on your Windows 11 PC, it will probably open the “Quick Access” by default. This “Quick Access” is a special set of folders that you have used more frequently on your PC. While most of the items in the Quick Access are added automatically by Windows, you can also add your own folders manually to it.

Quick Access is very useful as it gives the user easy and quick access to all the folders that you want to open without having to navigate through a bunch of drives and folders. When you want to add your own folders to Quick Access manually, all you have to do is right-click on that folder and choose Pin to Quick access.

Quick Access Pinning

This will instantly add the selected folder (or folders) to the Quick access section in the Windows File Explorer. There is no need to reboot the computer or restart the File Explorer process.

Once a folder has been added, it will appear in the Quick access section. If you want to remove this folder at a later stage, you can remove it in seconds. Unpinning the folders from Quick Access is equally easier. You have to right-click on the folder that you want to unpin or remove from Quick Access and choose Unpin from Quick access.

Quick Access Pinning

Even though Windows adds some of the folders to Quick Access, you can unpin them yourself using the exactly the same process as described above. And as you can guess, these folders can be added once again in the similar manner.

Quick Access can save your valuable time when you have to quickly open some of the folders without wasting any time on navigating through a number of folders. It is also useful for the people who keep forgetting where they saved their important files – they can pin the folders to Quick Access and open them in a flash anytime they desire.