Adlice Crash Dump Extractor : Organize and Analyze CrashDumps

As a Windows developer you can experience real horror when the people who have used your software start reporting BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) frequently. At first you can dismiss it assuming that some random user could have had very old system and their hardware has some problems. But when hundreds of people report a similar BSOD, then you must perform a full investigation into the matter.

The investigation into the BSOD involves analysis of the data dump files that are created when our Windows PC crashes. When the dreaded BSOD shows up on your screen, it also displays the error description and that it is creating crash dump file. With the help of Crash Dump Extractor we can manage the crash dump data files and perform a thorough analysis of Dump (.dmp) crash dumps that are automatically saved to the hard drive when the operating system crashes.

Adlice Crashdump Extractor

Crash Dump Extractor displays detailed information about Dump files, and also allows you to mini-drill the folder where crash dumps are saved. It is able to extract all the interesting information from your crash dumps: Call stack, Bug ID, software name and version. This way you can check if your Windows PC really needs attention because some of the BSOD’s are of trivial nature and are fixed because the cause itself was temporary.

In the Adlice Crash Dump Extractor user interface, we can see the dashboard where we can find about the total number of crash dumps are saved. Under the crash dumps section, we can see the actual crash dumps with all their details. We can set it to monitor some applications and these are displayed under the monitor section. Under the settings section we can change the theme or make it auto-start with Windows.

Adlice Crash Dump Extractor (CDE) is very useful for the Windows developers who are trying to figure out why system crashes when their application is running. It uses system debugger to analyze the crash dump files and show the relevant information to the developers.

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