Break Reminder : Fullscreen Rest Reminder App for Windows

Earlier this week, I came across a lady who got a very weak eyesight one month after starting her new job. What was shocking that she got the weak eyesight because she was very hard working and kept working on her computer from 9 to 5. Staring into the computer screen gave her a very bad eyesight in just over a month.

It is because of these problems, we should always remember to take regular breaks from work. This is specially important for people who work in front of their computers. To aid taking regular breaks, there is a freeware tool called Break Reminder which can remind the users of a break every few minutes.

Break Reminder has a unique user interface from where we can set the minutes for the resting period after every few minutes of the work period. By default, it is set to take 5 minutes of break after 25 minutes of work. But we can change it to something less frequent such as 10 minutes break after 50 minutes of work. Personally, I prefer the hourly break but then it differs from person to person.

Easiest Break Reminder

During the reminder, the application goes full-screen and displays rotating graphics on your screen along with the countdown timer. You can also choose a music folder so that it can play music from that folder during the resting period. There is an option to make it speak (using Microsoft text to speech engine) a few words before taking the break.

It displays random rotating pictures during the resting period. It allows you to select a folder containing your personal pictures which would be displayed in rotation on the full-screen when you are resting. In addition, it can also display a 30 seconds timer before the resting period starts so that you can get ready for the break.

You can download Break Reminder from