Easiest Video Converter : Cuts, Crops, Converts Videos

There are so many video file formats and all of them are useful for one thing or another. For example, if you are trying to upload your videos to Youtube, it is better that you upload them in the MKV or MP4 formats. If you want to record your computer screen then you may get the best performance from the WMV video file format. Similarly, if you want to make a backup of your videos then they should be saved with AVI format as it is well known format on platforms.

There is an open-source tool called FFmpeg using which we can convert video file formats easily. It also offers many other features, but it is a command line interface (CLI) tool. If you do not like to work with the CLI tools, then you can try a GUI software called Easiest Video Converter. This software uses FFmpeg in the background and allows – you to convert video files between all sorts of video file formats.

Easiest Video Converter

But Easiest Video Converter is not just about the video file format conversion. We can use this program for merging several video files together, cut parts of a video, crop the video frame, add watermarks, add subtitles, rotate the video frame and more.

The use of the program is quite simple. You have to launch Easiest Video Converter and then start adding various video files. For each of these files, you can change the output video file format and the codecs used for conversion. You can also choose to convert between PAL and NTSC systems which could be important for playing them back on some older video players. It can also leverage the GPU if it is available for video conversion.

Easiest Video Converter

Easiest Video Converter is not a free software and is offered only in a trial version of the product. The fully unlocked version of the software is available after payment of one time fees.

You can download Easiest Video Converter from https://easiestsoft.com/win/a/video-converter-for-windows.html.