BrowserDownloadsView : Shows All Chrome or Firefox Downloads

Has it ever happened to you that downloaded an important file late one night and decided to go to sleep because you were very tired? You thought of checking that file in the morning – the very first thing. But when you wake up in the morning, you cannot seem to find it on the local hard drive.

With the help of a third-party application called BrowserDownloadsView, we can see all the files downloaded through Firefox or Chrome web browser. The application also works for all the other browsers based on Firefox or Chrome. It is a portable application and does not need any installation of any kind.

As soon as we launch it, BrowserDownloadsView starts to show the detailed information about all downloaded files using Google Chrome or Firefox. For each of the downloaded file, we can view information about the name of the file, the URL from which it was downloaded, the download start and end time, the total duration of the download and the file size. We can right-click on any of the downloads and choose to generate hashes using MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512 etc. We can also send the selected download URL to VirusTotal or open it again in the web browser. We can export all the downloads’ details into a plain text file or to HTML reports.


By default, it scans the local computer in the default user profile folders for Chrome and Firefox. But using advanced settings for BrowserDownloadsView, we can make it scan different user profile folders for Windows, different profile folders for web browsers, or scan a remote Windows system. For this the remote computer must be connected to your PC through a cabled or wireless LAN.

BrowserDownloadsView works not only with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but also all the other browsers based on their code. But you will have to select their profile folders manually from the advanced settings.

You can download BrowserDownloadsView from