ExtPassword! Recovers All Passwords from External Drives

There are so many tools available online that can recover keys or passwords stored on your computer’s drive. But what if you have a storage drive taken out from some other computer? Will you be able to recover passwords stored on such an external drive by connecting it to your PC through any interface?

ExtPassword! is a tool developed by Nir Sofer that makes it possible. With its help, you can easily recover passwords stored on an external drive that is connected to your computer. This is useful when you have a secondary Windows PC that has become unbootable because of some hardware problem. You can take its system drive out and connect it to your Windows PC through a USB-SATA interface cable. Now you can use ExtPassword! to find all the passwords stored on that drive easily. It is a portable application and does not require any installation.


As soon as you launch, ExtPassword! asks for the secondary drive so that it can go to work recovering the passwords. This is why it is important to connect the external drive to your PC before launching ExtPassword! or you will not be able to select any drive. You have to enter Windows logon passwords and Firefox primary passwords if any so that it can use them on the secondary drive.

As soon as you click on OK button, ExtPassword! will start reading the data on the external drive. It will decrypt and extract different types of passwords and relevant information related to them. It takes only less than a minute for it to retrieve everything stored on that drive.


It decrypts passwords from popular web browsers, e-mail clients, VPN servers, as well as other keys from the WiFi networks, applications and passwords of the Windows operating system itself. You can save the list of all the found items to a plain text TXT file or export the whole report to an HTML file.

You can download ExtPassword! from https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/external_drive_password_recovery.html.