Change Website Appearance with Stylish Browser Extension

Themes have now become a part of modern applications and operating systems . Almost all the operating systems today like Windows, macOS and Linux now come with at least two themes or modes –  dark and light. Microsoft Office has multiple themes available. We can change the appearance of web browsers like Chrome and Firefox using hundreds of available themes.

But now someone has created an extension that can change themes for individual websites as well. This browser extension is called Stylish and it works on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox both. It allows you to modify the appearance of both the interface and displayed websites. With its help, we can adjust the size, type of fonts used, colors, or hide selected content to our own needs.

Stylish : Custom Themes for Websites

After the installation of Stylish in your web browser, you will notice a new icon in the browser toolbar. You can click on it and it will display you a number of themes for that site. You can install these themes and activate them. As soon as you activate them, it will change the appearance of that site. All of these themes are create by different users and have been made public for everyone’s use.

For example, if you visit Facebook in your web browser, it will show a number of themes specially designed for Facebook. If you visit Wikipedia, then it will display the themes available for Wikipedia. We installed and activated a Hello Kitty theme for Facebook and it instantly changed the look for Facebook.

Stylish : Custom Themes for Websites

In addition to downloading the themes created by other users, we can also  create multiple themes or styles for a given website. We can design these themes using a simple style editor that supports syntax highlighting. In order to make a good theme, you have to have some knowledge of how CSS and HTML code works.

You can get the Stylish extension for Firefox from and for Chrome from