Endless Fun with Android Game “Pop the Tiles”

We all have played the ages old game Tetris in its thousands of variations. Basically you have to arrange the tiles in such a way that they fit more space as newer tiles appear on your screen. And we also know about the Candy Crush game that has gained so much popularity. In the the Candy Crush game you have to pop the candies of the same color to make space. Now there is a new game on Google Play store called “Pop the Tiles” which combines the elements of both game styles. However, the developer has added many unique features to this new game making it much more fun.

In “Pop the Tiles”, a new row of colorful tiles are pushed from the bottom and you have to pop the tiles of the same color. If four or more tiles of the same color can be put together then they pop and disappear. There are tiles of many colors and they also have a geometric figure inside them which tells them apart. You have to keep popping the tiles of the same color and design until one of the columns hits the roof. This is when the game is over.

Pop the Tiles

In the beginning the game looks very easy – all you have to do is pop the same type of tiles. But as you play it more and more, you learn to use a number of strategies. For example, you pop the tiles in such a way that it starts a series of auto-popping of many other tiles. If you are able to pop four sets of tiles in this manner, your score gets multiplied by a number and you score better. These strategies become important as you aim for a higher score.

You can get the “Pop the Tiles” game for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.emptybox.poptiles.