Auto Reply in WhatsApp with AutoResponder for Android

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers in the world. We can contact both friends and coworkers with this easy to use app. It offers encrypted text messages, voice and video calls for everyone who signs up for a free account. If you have given your mobile number to any of your acquaintances then you should be ready for a large torrent of messages reaching you day or night. And so many of these messages begin in a similar manner – “Hello”, “Good morning”, “How are you”, “What are you doing” and so on.

If you don’t want to reply to all of these basic conversation starters and at the same time want to appear friendly, then you can use a free app called AutoResponder. This app is available for Android and can auto-reply to any message that you have received on WhatsApp from any of your contacts.

AutoResponder is actually a chatbot that can read your messages on WhatsApp and reply on your behalf depending on the contents of the message. After the installation of AutoResponder on your Android device, you have to give it special permissions so that it can read and reply to messages on WhatsApp.

AutoResponder for Whatsap

In AutoResponder, you have to add rules which are used to define how it is going to respond to which of the messages. For adding a new rule, we can tap on the small plus icon near the bottom-right corner. On the next screen, we can choose exact or similar match. We have to type in the received message string to search along with a string with which we want to reply.

For example, in the screenshot settings if you then receive a message with the content “Good Morning”, the chat bot sends the corresponding automatic reply “Good Morning”. There are many advanced features which are locked and can be unlocked by purchasing the upgrade.

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