Find & Remove Identical Files with Duplicate Remover Free

Duplicate files are very common on a Windows PC. These files are often a result of careless copying of the same files in more than one locations on the hard disk drive. Pretty soon you have hundreds of files that are identical copies of each other.

While they are not harmful, duplicate files do take up the valuable storage space on your storage drives. It is certainly better to find and remove these duplicate files before they grow in size and slow down the performance of the storage drive. With the help of a freeware Duplicate Remover Free, we can quickly and easily remove all the duplicate files from a Windows PC.

Duplicate Remover Free has a very nicely designed user interface. We begin by making a selection for the comparison type – strong duplicate, music tag, similar music, similar image, file properties etc.

Duplicate Remover Free

Then we have to choose which types of files are to be compared – all types, music files, image files, video files, Adobe Acrobat files, archive files, Office files etc.

We have to select the folders which will be scanned for duplicate files. It automatically adds some of the very common folders found in the Windows user profiles. But we can also add any other folder that we want to be scanned as well as the iTunes library if present on your system.

Finally, we can choose to skip zero size files, system or hidden files. We can set the scan limitation by file size range too. Clicking on the Start button will start the scanning and the results are displayed in a different tab.

Duplicate Remover Free

In the search results, we see a big list of all the duplicate files that it has discovered. We can make a selection of which of the duplicate files are to be removed or moved and take the appropriate action for those files.

You can download Duplicate Remover Free from