Remove Unwanted Apps from PC with Bloatware Removal Utility

When you buy a brand new Windows PC, it usually comes with a number of free and promotional software. For example, the Lenovo laptop that I bought came with Windows 11 pre-installed along with Norton Antivirus. It also came with a number of trialware that could be used for a few months only. Some of these bundleware are not really welcome by the Windows users and are removed by the users the first time they use their new PC.

Now there is a special open-source tool called Bloatware Removal Utility (BRU) for removing such unwanted and unncessary bloatware from your new Windows PC automatically

Bloatware Removal Utility is actually a PowerShell script and using it could be a little tricky. According to the developer, you have to login as an administrator and run the BRU PowerShell script as the administrator.

Bloatware Removal Utility (BRU)

But an easier way is to launch the Admin console (type Win+X and then choose to launch console (admin)). In the console window we can give the command to launch the BRU script.

It runs a bunch of PowerShell commands and then a graphical user interface is displayed. In this window, we can select all the bloatware that we want to get rid of. They also have a suggested number of bloatware that they recommend to be removed. After making a selection, you can click on the Remove Selected button. It will remove the bloatware after which you should perform a PC restart.

Bloatware Removal Utility (BRU)

Bloatware Removal Utility (BRU) is very useful for removing bloatware from HP, Dell, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Toshiba or Sony computers running on Windows. It supports Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows 11. It is very useful for getting rid of unnecessary programs that we do not really use and they keep annoying us for months.

You can download Bloatware Removal Utility (BRU) from