How to Disable Notifications & Suggestions on Windows 11

While the notifications and the suggestions built inside the Windows 11 operating system are intended for the benefit of the users, sometimes they become too much and end up annoying us. For example, whenever I attach a USB pen-drive to a USB port on my Windows 11 PC, it shows more than three notifications which I am not interested in at all. Then Windows 11 displays suggestions and tips as you use your PC. These suggestions are great for the newbies but for advanced users they only become annoyances that appear in the middle of a work day.

If you are fed up with constant notifications, suggestions and tips on Windows 11, then you can disable them altogether in the following manner:

  1. Press Win+I to open Windows settings. You can also open Windows settings by clicking on the Start icon in the taskbar and then on the cogwheel icon.
  2. In the Windows settings, first select System and then Notifications. Turn off all notifications using the toggle switch displayed next to Notifications.DIsable Notifications and Suggestions on Windows 11
  3. Near the bottom of the same window, uncheck the checkboxes labeled Offer suggestions on how I can set up my device and Get tips and suggestions when I use Windows.DIsable Notifications and Suggestions on Windows 11
  4. Close the settings window and you are now free from all the notifications and suggestions.

Even though the notifications should not be entirely disables on Windows 11 for a number of reasons (for example, your email client software might display new messages in the notification area) it is better to turn them off for the people who have to concentrate on their work without any distractions. For example, if you are a writer or a stock trader then you might end up losing your train of thought because of these notifications. The above steps can be used to make your Windows PC run silently in just a few seconds.