How to Enhance Audio for Headphones in Windows 11

Windows 11 comes with some new audio modes and one of these modes is “Enhance Audio” mode. Using this mode, we can enhance the audio output using a number of filters. The number of available audio enhancement filters depends on your Windows computer’s audio hardware. For example, if you have Realtek HD audio chipset available on your computer’s motherboard then you may get half a dozen enhancement features. Similarly, if you are using an Intel HD Audio device built on the motherboard then you also get a few such enhancement features.

Because the availability of these features depends entirely on the audio output device manufacturers, these features are usually available through the respective audio configuration software that comes with the device drivers. But starting with Windows 11, we can now access all of these audio enhancement features from the Windows settings as well. Here is how:

  1. Press Win+I hotkey to open the Windows Settings. In the settings window, select Sound, then All Sound Devices and then Properties.
  2. Next to the Enhance Audio section, click on the toggle switch to turn it ON.Windows 11 Enhanced Audio
  3. From now enhancement features are turned on but to select which audio enhancement features are being used, you have to click on Advanced under the Enhance Audio.
  4. In the Speakers Properties window, choose which of the audio enhancement features that you want to be enabled and click on the OK button.Windows 11 Enhanced Audio

Of all the audio enhancement features, I personally like the loudness equalization which automatically changes the audio output level to make listening to the sound easy on your ears. When some application is playing audio too loud, it lowers the output volume. And when an application is playing the audio so low that it is hard to hear, this enhancement feature automatically boosts the volume so that we can hear everything clearly.