How to Import Other Browser Settings into LibreWolf

LibreWolf is a new web browser that focuses on the user privacy, security and freedom of user choices. It is a fork of the Mozilla Firefox web browser and as of now is mostly the same code as the Firefox browser. Perhaps in the future it may deviate further from the Firefox code and evolve into a whole new browser for the newer generations.

If you have started using LibreWolf, you might want to import data from other web browsers into LibreWolf so that you can start from where you left in the other browsers. Importing data from other browsers into LibreWolf is similar to doing the same in Firefox.

Here is how we can import the settings from other web browsers into LibreWolf:

    1. First of all close all the other web browsers running on your PC. For example, if Google Chrome is running then you have to first close all the instances of Google Chrome. Same applies for all the other web browsers. You can open a Terminal window (or command prompt) and give the following commands for this:
      taskkill /f /im /t chrome.exe
      taskkill /f /im /t firefox.exe
      taskkill /f /im /t iexplore.exe
      taskkill /f /im /t msedge.exe
    2. Now you can launch LibreWolf, press the Alt key to make the menubar appear temporarily. From the menubar, you have to select File and then Import from another browser.LibreWolf : Import Settings from Other Browsers
    3. You will see a wizard interface which is going to guide you through importing the data from other browsers. You have to first select from which browser you are going to import the data from. Then you have to select what kind of data are you going to import, for example, browser history, bookmarks etc. Finally you can proceed and click on the Finish button when the data has been imported.LibreWolf : Import Settings from Other Browsers

So this is how we can import the settings and data from other web browsers that were previously installed on your Windows PC. If you are not able to import data from the Firefox web browser, then you can copy paste the profile folders into the LibreWolf profile folders and most probably it is going to work.