Easiest Compare 2 Images for Differences : Image Compare Tool

Remember when we all used to read the Sunday newspaper while looking for the funnies section? One of the regulars that went hand in hand with the funnies section was the puzzles section for kids. It contained puzzles like finding a way through the maze for the mouse so he can eat the cheese, tracing the dots to reveal the drawing and finding the differences between two drawings.

Finding differences between two similar looking drawings or images is very difficult because the differences are very subtle. Fortunately, if you are a Windows user, you can use a free software called “Easiest Compare 2 Images for Differences” to carry out this otherwise hard task in a matter of seconds.

After you launch “Easiest Compare 2 Images for Differences” on your Windows PC, it shows a small window. You have to drag-n-drop your images on this window. It supports many popular image file formats such as PNG, JPEG, BMP or TGA. Both of the image files should be of the same type, for example, both should be JPG. It is not mentioned, but if the images are having the same dimensions then it is better for the results.

Easiest Compare 2 Images for Differences

In a matter of seconds, it will display you the difference of the two images on your screen. The part of the two images that is identical is displayed in the black color. Other parts of the image that are displayed are different in both of the images. The “difference” image is saved in the same folder as the original image files.

Easiest Compare 2 Images for Differences

This is a quick and powerful tool to find the differences between the two images in a visual manner. There are so many tools that can display the percentage of similarity between images, but this tool can actually display the visual similarities between two images of the same type.

You can download “Easiest Compare 2 Images for Differences” from https://easiestsoft.com/win/a-compare-two-images-for-differences-similarity/.