How to Reset Sound Devices and App Volumes on Windows 11

When we are trying to troubleshoot some problem, we often end up exploring many options on a Windows system. For example, when the headphones are not getting enough volume, we might open Windows settings and try to change the volume levels for many things. This ends up making changes to the volume levels and sound devices that we did not intend to in the beginning. So how do we put all the sound devices options and volume levels for various apps back to their default values? Fortunately, Windows 11 has made it extremely easy.

Here is how we can reset all the sound devices and the volumes of various apps on Windows 11:

  1. Click on the Start button in the taskbar and then on the cogwheel icon labeled Settings. You can also use the hotkey Win+I to open Windows settings.
  2. In the settings windows, select System, then Sound and then Volume Mixer.
  3. Near the very bottom of the window, click on the Reset button displayed for resetting all the sound devices and volume levels for all the apps.Windows 11 Reset Sounds
  4. You will see a checkmark (√) next to the Reset button indicating that all the volume levels and sound devices have been reset successfully.

These steps are very useful for Windows 11 users in many different situations. First situation that we have already mentioned is when the user changes the volume levels and forgets what they have changed. The second possible situation is when another software makes changes in the volume levels of other applications and the user wants to reset all the levels.

Finally, the problem with very low or too high volumes can be fixed easily using these options. When we reset the volume levels and sound devices using this method, it makes the system volume to 66 which could be a little bit higher for some audio output devices such external speakers. I personally suggest resetting the volume to 40 which is neither low or high for most of the Windows computers.