How to Turn on Enhanced Protection in Google Chrome

In the past week, Google Chrome became the first desktop web browser to hit the century when it comes to released versions. Google released version 100 recently and the news stayed the sensation all over the internet and news media for many many days.

In this version Google has added many new features – some of the functional and others aesthetic. First of all, Google kept their promise of February 2022 when they had announced that Chrome is going to get a new logo. In the version 100, Chrome got a new logo which looks much more modern and does away with the shadows. The new logo uses very subtle gradients and employs brighter colors.

Another feature that has become available is the ability to mute the tabs. We can mute a specific tab in which some sound is being played – whether only audio or a video. So if you want to attend to an important call, you can right-click on the Spotify tab and mute it quickly.

One security feature that everyone should enable is the Chrome’s enhanced protection that provides strongest defense from malware and phishing. Here is how we can enable it:

  1. Click on the menu icon and select Settings from the menu.Enhanced Protection in Chrome
  2. On the settings screen, select Privacy and Security from the left-side.
  3. Click on the Security section from the right-side list of options.Enhanced Protection in Chrome
  4. You will see that your Chrome web browser has “standard protection”. Choose Enhanced Protection from above it and you are done.Enhanced Protection in Chrome

When we enable the Enhanced Protection in Google Chrome, we get the superior defense from dangerous websites, downloads and extensions. This protection is much faster than the standard protection. It is able to predict and warn you about any malicious activity before hand so you have ample time to protect yourself and those around you. It also warns you if any of your credentials are exposed in a data breach.