Notesnook : Encrypted Notebook with Many Features

When it comes to taking notes, we all think of Evernote but there are many alternatives available for the Windows users. Some of these alternative such as Notesnook actually offer more features that the popular note taking applications. Notesnook is an encrypted notebook with many useful features including the cloud save support. This application offers user privacy and the developers claim that there is no spying, no tracking and no dialing back home.

Notesnook is a general purpose note taking application and can be used for a variety of things. It is a very handy and useful notes organizer largely focused on user privacy. It provides end-to-end encryption so that nobody can read your notes. The notes are encrypted by powerful ciphers before they are uploaded over the cloud storage.

Notesnook uses a vault based encryption system. It creates a vault where all of your notes are kept. This vault is password protected and encrypted using well known XChaCha20 (eXtended-nonce ChaCha) and Argon 2 encryption. An additional advantage is the ability to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) where we have to enter an additional six digit code generated on Google Authenticator app.


Notesnook is a cross-platform tool – after creating an account, our notes will be available on any device but for this we have to create a Notesnook account. If we login to Notesnook using the same account, all the devices will be automatically synced. It also offers backup and restore of your notes. We can enable automatic backups so that all of our notes are automatically sent for backup.

In the Notesnook application, your notes can be organized into virtual notebooks, labeled with tags and colors, exported to PDF files, etc. We can search notes later using these tags easily. We can also publish our notes online and then share the link with others. The published note can be password protected or set to be deleted after someone reads it.

You can download Notesnook from